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Athol Ltd has over 20 years of working in the fast paced world of moving image content creation. Serving clients such as Samsung, Starbucks, Pizza hut, Adidas as well as Working with London's top agencies The partners, IRIS London, Velocity Partners, AdamAndEve DDB. Fulfilling Motion design for advertising and marketing, as well as filming, producing and directing video content on multiple levels. Rotoscoping, compositing, prop removal and set extensions for vfx shots.


Athol Ltd creates photoreal, digitally-generated imagery, seamlessly integrating these effects into live action in feature films, television and online. We offer a seamless extension of production capability to your existing production workflow and creative pipeline.

Athol Ltd uses the latest technology to produce computer-generated props, crowds, stunt doubles and digital particle effects, which includes fluid and fire, as well as object and lighting manipulation. Recently being involved in an ink into water simulation for Lloyds bank rebranding conference.

“You need to make the viewer believe that what they are seeing is real. This could be a dragon, a fairytale castle, a rain storm, a big wave, spaceships, superheroes, alien cities or entire planets.”

Athol Ltd Specialises in the following:

  • Robust knowledge of the filmmaking process, lenses, cameras and lighting.

  • 3d camera tracking and generation from existing moving shots.

  • Compositing, layering of digital assets.

  • 3d modelling and design of digital props and vehicles.

  • Motion capture integration and rag doll simulation.

  • Particle simulations, including smoke dust and debris.

  • Rotoscoping and green screening best practices.

  • Multimedia design and implementation.

  • Graphic design and image manipulation.

  • File handling, archiving and extensive knowledge of video formats.


  • Create high quality, performant visuals within budgets.

  • Be dependable and able to hit your deadlines.

  • Conceptualise, design and create cutting-edge special effects, including particle effects, dynamic simulations and shader effects.

  • Take direction and feedback.

  • Work with producers, lead artists and supervisors to track and manage the workflow through the departments.

  • Organise dailies, rounds and meetings, taking notes and following up on information as necessary.

  • Communicate information quickly and succinctly to crew and other departments in person as well as via email.

  • maintain an accurate summary of progress from the previous day's work by artists

  • oversee the execution of client deliveries of all temps and finals

  • manage edits along with the editorial department

  • have a methodical and thorough approach to work

  • be able to work with a minimum of supervision

  • be able to remain calm and confident in a fast-paced environment.


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